1. We live as long as memory of us.
    Think about your ancestors, think about what you know about them. Do you know their names, do you know when they lived, what they did, what kind of people they were. Few people can answer these questions. This does not mean, however, that the memory of them is dead. History is created by people whose memory should be preserved for future generations. In this virtual cemetery, we will survive to the end of human history thanks to the Internet, which will store information about us and our loved ones.
  2. Virtual grave.
    Death is an inevitable phenomenon. Relatives will build graves, monuments and tablets for the deceased. Our cemetery offers the possibility of visualizing memory in the form of tombs and epitaphs, as well as the possibility of lighting a candle or laying flowers, which proves the memory of loved ones who have died. We can bury our relatives in the Virtual Cemetery, just like in the real world, in single, double, family and catacombs. We can create a Virtual Cemetery where all our relatives, family and friends will be in one place, no matter where and when they lived, and where and when they died.
  3. Death is the only certain thing that will happen to us, and each day brings us closer to it. A living person, assuming a grave for himself, can plan his own obituary and mailing to the indicated addresses. This will allow the deceased to contact the world of the living and provide them with various information, often information that they did not pass on during their lifetime.
  4. For an additional fee, the tombstone can be specially designed according to individual wishes in a form that does not resemble a tomb. This could be graphics, sound, or some other item that can be stored on the server.
  5. The Virtual Grave administration reserves the right to interfere with the content of the inscriptions on tombstones if they violate the part of a deceased or living person, if they contain content that is offensive, contrary to morality, inconsistent with applicable law, or if the data of a person living without her consent.
  6. Virtual Grave Forum.
    Wielkie Forum służy wymianie opinii o życiu doczesnym, śmierci, pamięci bliskich, o kulcie zmarłego, o tym, w jakiej formie powinien być wyrażany ten kult. Małe forum, które znajduje się obok każdego nagrobka, służy do składania kondolencji i dzielenia się wspomnieniami o zmarłych.
  7. Fees and promotions.
    Maintaining databases, its administration, license fees, and improvement of the Virtual Grave are associated with costs. Therefore, fees are introduced for its use. Fees for services in the Virtual Grave can be found in the price list. Authorization of credit cards and electronic bank transfers is made by Dotpay. Fees are collected by the Pragmator Company - the owner of the Virtual Grave.


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  8. Waiver of fees.
    Data entries in the Virtual Grave about the fallen in September 1939, ie between September 1 and 30, 1939, are free of fees. In order to gain access to entering data free of charge, please contact the administrator of the Virtual Grave.
  9. Donors.
    A person who gives a donation of no less than PLN 500 for the maintenance and development of the Virtual Grave has the right to use the Virtual Grave free of charge for himself, his relatives and friends. Please send your application to the donor club to the administrator of the Virtual Grave.