• We live as long as memory about us lives.
    Think about your ancestors, check out what do you know about them. Do you know their names, do you know when they lived, what they did, what kind of people they were. Few people can provide an answer to the questions. However, it does not mean that memories about them are dead now. People create history, memory about them should be preserved for future generations. On this cemetery in virtual reality we endure until the end of humankind due to the Net that will store information about us and about our relatives.
  • Virtual tomb.
    Death is inevitable. Relatives provide the dead tombs, graves, memorials and headstones. Our Virtual Graveyard gives a possibility of visualization of recollections in the form of graves and epitaphs, as well as a possibility to light a candle, and lay down flowers, which is treated as a token of memory about kins that died. We can bury our close relatives on a Virtual Graveyard, in the same way as in real world, in a single, double, triple, family, and common grave or in catacombs. We can create a Virtual Cemetery where all our kinsmen, relations, family members and friends will be found, no matter where and when they lived and where they were buried.
  • Death is the only definite thing that will happen, and each day brings us nearer to it. A living person by establishing a grave for himself can prepare own obituary and mailing to the stated address. It will allow the dead contact material world and convey a piece of information, often such they weren't able to say in their lifetime.
  • For an extra charge, the grave can be specially designed, according to individual wishes, in a form that does not resemble a tomb in any way. It can be a graphic, sound or any other element that can be stored on server.
  • Virtual Graveyard administration reserves the right to integrate in the content of inscriptions made on headstones only when they violate the honour of the dead or living person, or when they contain insulting content, are converse to decorum, are illegal, or when there are included personal details of the dead person without its previous consent.
  • Virtual Graveyard Forum.
    Large Forum serves to exchange opinions about temporal life, about death, about memory about relatives, and about worship dead should be enclosed with, and about form in which the cult should be expressed. Small Forum, that is located next to each tomb acts as condole and sharing memories about the dead.
  • Charges and promotions.
    Keeping data bases, their administration, charges, licences, all Virtual Graveyard improvements are connected with costs. Therefore, we have introduced fees for using it. Charges for services in Virtual Graveyard can be found in price list of services. Registration of credit cards and cash cards for online money transfer is made by Dotpay Company. Charges are collected by Pragmator Company- the owner of Virtual Graveyard.

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    tel.(48)601 29 22 59
  • Exemption from charges.
    Free from any charges on Virtual Graveyard are entries about fallen from September 1939 i.e between 01 and 30 September 1939. In order to have an access to data enter free from charges please contact Virtual Graveyard administrator.
  • Donors.
    A person that financially supports the development of Virtual Graveyard and makes a deed of donation to the tune of no less than 125 EUR has the right to benefit from Virtual Cemetery services free of charge for oneself, relatives and friend. Application to the club of donors should be directed to Virtual Graveyard administrator.
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